‘Reel Rock 13’ Film Tour: Multiple Locations
November 1, 2018 – November 30, 2018

Reel Rock came up with a solid formula a long time ago: select a few short climbing films that collectively trigger a full range of emotions. It’s not enough to follow a hero’s journey or antagonist (rock) vs. protagonist (climber that ultimately makes the ascent). Reel Rock will you make you laugh, gasp, wonder, cheer, and in all likelihood, cry.

The organizers play the films in a pattern that pulls together a narrative arc so subtle, the audience may not always even recognition the link. We just come away thinking, “Damn, that was good.” With four short films, the total event usually clocks in around two hours.

In the 13th iteration, Reel Rock 13 and the Reel Rock Tour continue to inspire with films starring huge names in climbing. Adam Ondra climbs his way across the U.S. Conrad Anker, Jimmy Chin, Alex Honnold, Savannah Cummins, Anna Pfaff, and Cedar Wright break new ground (and ice) in Antarctica. In The Valley of the Moon, Madeliene Sorkin headlines both the movie and the effort to attract climbers to Wadi Rum in Jordan. The final film is about speed climbing, which was recently added as the first climbing event in the summer Olympics. The names aren’t as familiar in America, but you better believe they are superstars in France and South Asia where speed climbing is the bomb.

In the month of November alone, the tour for Reel Rock 13 is hitting up over 100 stops across the U.S. and Canada. Click over to the website’s event page to search for the nearest location.


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November 1 to November 30
$15 - $20
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