Breckenridge, Colorado
International Snow Sculpting Championships
January 25, 2019 – January 30, 2019

It’s a wonderland of snow. We’re talking red pill, down the rabbit hole-type of explosion of creativity and artistry in white.

That’s not some coy drug reference. If there were an occasion to take back the word “magical” from its sorrowful overuse, the International Snow Sculpting Championships (ISSC) would be it. Unless your heart is as cold as the snow that’s being shaped, the ISSC is truly wondrous in the most innocent of ways.

For artists willing to accept the transience of their creations, snow is the perfect medium to explore limitless shape and textures. Each team of four sculptors starts with a 50,000-pound block of snow (10 feet by 10 feet by 12 feet). The resulting sculptures never cease to amaze.

The ISSC are held in Breckenridge, Colorado, and attract artists from around the world. There will be 16 teams competing this year, including the reigning champs from Mongolia. With respect to every liftie that has busted out some snow art on a slow day, these are world renowned artists at the top the snow shaping game. An invite list of 250 potentials is whittled down to 16 for the big show.

If you’re interested in watching the artists work, sculpting begins on January 21, 2019 and runs through 9 a.m. on January 25, 2019. The last night of sculpting tends to be a mad rush of final perfections made by the artists and a party vibe for spectators. Plus, it’s just plum cool to see the sculptures lit up.

Judging begins immediately, with an open people’s choice category for everyone to make their opinions known. The sculptures are left up for viewing January 25-30.

Event Date
January 25 to January 30
Breckenridge, Colorado
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