Earth Hour
March 30, 2019

They’re not asking much. If only 7.5 billion people could turn off their lights and reflect on the planet for 60 minutes or so, then maybe we could have a chance of protecting this little orb we call home.

Earth Hour was first recognized in 2007, with the goal of directing attention away from ourselves for one hour. Lights off, phones down, music quieted. Sponsored largely by the World Wildlife Fund (and now also by a large number of regional, smaller organizations around the world), the idea was to get people thinking about our non-Homo sapien neighbors and the habitats we affect.

It’s the epitome of the least we can do. But…starting small and local is the best way to build momentum. Over time, Earth Hour has grown to a global movement, where people, businesses, and nonprofits organize one-hour events that incite action and create change.

Earth Hour is recognized on March 30, 2019, from 8:30-9:30 p.m., local time. It’s cool to turn off the television, shut the laptop, and just walk outside for an hour of stargazing. Or to organize an event or find events near you, check out the website and do a little bit more.

Photo by NASA

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