Bozeman, Montana
Bozeman Ice Festival
December 5, 2018 – December 9, 2018

Guarantee the future of ice climbing while climbing some of the most renowned routes in North America. The Bozeman Ice Festival is part-clinic, part-film festival, part-demos, and part-fundraiser.

The big draws are the all-day clinics, held in Hyalite Canyon. Hyalite is a natural wonder of ice, with the altitude and aspect combining for consistent and reliable conditions (typically) from November to April. It’s an ice climbing Mecca with routes appropriate for beginner to world-class climbers, many of whom make their pilgrimage during the Bozeman Ice Festival.

At night, participants head into town for presentations, gear demos, and the Adventure Film Festival. This is Bozeman, so expect no shortage of craft brews and big stories to fuel you through the next day of climbing.

Early in 2018, the director of the festival founded the Ice Climbing Alliance, a nonprofit outfit dedicated to preserving climbing access in Montana and beyond. This year’s festival is being billed as the “signature event” of the Alliance, meaning they’re looking to kick this thing into high gear with your money going to a worthy cause.

Event Date
December 5 to December 9
Bozeman, Montana
$12 - $65
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