09 - The Summer Issue

Adventure is about quests, and the summer issue of Adventure Journal is filled with them. Can a team of three hike, ski, and paddle across the Olympic Peninsula, to run the newly-free Elma River? The answers, as with any good quest, are only found by diving in.


January 26
Women’s Adventure Film Tour: Santa Cruz
Santa Cruz, California
December 1 – January 31
Middle Fork of the Salmon River: 2019 Permit Lottery
Price, Idaho
May 17 – May 19
Overland Expo West
Flagstaff, Arizona
December 1 – January 31
Desolation Gray Canyons of the Green River 2019 Permit Process
Price, Utah
December 5 – December 9
Bozeman Ice Festival
Bozeman, Montana
November 24 – November 27
5 Passes Cycling Tour
Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand