Oh, Hi, Hello There, Welcome to 2023’s Most Charming Animal Photos

© Dakota Vaccaro / Comedy Wildlife 2023

It’s not fair to anthropomorphize animals, but, do you have any doubt they, uh, animaliphize us? When deer see us staring at something in the distance, do they laugh and think, ha, look at that human, it’s like they’re trying to hear something over the next hill, lol, they’re just like us? I bet they do. 

Which means they’d prob love the Comedy Wildlife Awards. The 2023 edition features some real bangers like the little Groucho Marks enthusiast above, or the seductive monkey charming us with a faux mustache below. 

© Delphine Casimir / Comedy Wildlife 2023

Who can resist this little walking, chirping puffball below who’s either deeply annoyed by something, is trying to attract a mate, or ate too much at the holiday party?

© Jacques Poulard / Comedy Wildlife 2023

The year’s winner is this kangaroo guitar enthusiast, jamming out to a tune only they can hear. 

© Jason Moore / Comedy Wildlife 2023

If you’re sitting on a hilarious image of a squirrel writing an essay or an ox tripping over a stork somewhere, send ’em in to the Comedy Wildlife Awards for 2024. 

Words by Justin Housman



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