The AJ Podcast—Are You Hardcore? Are We? Does it Matter?

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“Well, you’re not hardcore unless you live hardcore,” sang Jack Black in “School of Rock.” In this episode, taking a cue from our pal Jack, we tackle core-ness: What does it mean to be core? Why do we care if we’re perceived as hardcore or not? Does it signify anything?  In Book Club, Stephen Casimiro takes us on a trip through Diane Cook’s The New Wilderness. It’s a semi-post-apocalyptic tale of a group of people chosen to live in the last stretch of wilderness in the country, as urban civilization decays. Post-apocalyptic mindbenders are catnip for Stephen, and maybe this one will be for you too. 

In a trip to the Gear Shed, Justin Housman talks up Patagonia’s new line of neoprene-free wetsuits. Even if you don’t surf, it’s a fascinating look at how Patagonia is trying to clean up the toxic wetsuit industry, a business that is surprisingly dirty. Plus, it’s just a great wetsuit. 

All that and more general outdoor talk goodness.


0:00 School of Rock
3:01 Does Hardcore Matter?
25:58 Book Club: The New Wilderness
42:51 Patagonia’s Neoprene-Free Wetsuits
55:28 Closing Thoughts

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