The Long, Strange Trip of Raleigh Bikes

Raleigh has been around since 1885, right about when the “safety bicycle” first hit the scene. This would be the style of bike you’re used to today, two wheels of the same or very similar size, with a chain or belt drive. All of this as opposed to the penny farthing, a decidedly dangerous bike, no matter how waxed and twisted your mustache may be.

We recently covered a great book that can walk you right down the path of bicycle history, where you can learn all about the development of our fave mode of transportation.

Anyway, this video came across our desk after being shared by a friend who saw it at — we love their work, btw. It’s a story of Raleigh, put together as a documentary by the BBC. Even if you’ve never owned a Raleigh, you’ll dig learning about the rise of one of the world’s most known bike brands through cycling’s various stages.

Carve out an hour, watch it, then go for a pedal, You’ll appreciate the bike even more after this one.



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