Look at This Suzuki Van and Just Try Not to Fall in Love

The Suzuki “Every” is a boxy little front-wheel drive van with three cylinders and plenty of charm. It gets 47 mpgs and the diminutive little van can squeeze onto the tiniest of roads and through the narrowest of canyons. Suzuki sells thousands of these little things, they’re the sort of urban carryall that’s super valuable in some of the world’s most congested cities.

So naturally, a Japanese tuning outfit gave the Every a makeover.

Check out the “Little D” version. It’s inspired by the big, tough Land Rover Defender, hence the name Little D. DAMD, the company responsible for this little wonder, loves cladding up other little Suzukis to look like Defenders, so there are other Little Ds floating around out there.

We like it from this side.
And this one too.
Is it possible the van’s name is Hazel?

This one keeps the front-wheel drive of the base version, but adds a sweet pop-up camper, bumpers that improve approach and departure angles, plenty of driving lights, mounting points for all-important tools like shovels and jacks, etc., and of course, a metric sh*t ton of moxie.

The inside you ask? Well, how’s about a bed, table, sink, electric outlets, even a tiny shower?

We will now ask for the 8 trillionth time: Why can’t we have these in America? Sure, $100,000 Sprinter vans are everywhere but why, oh why, do government bureaucrats and obscure tax laws keep these puppies from being imported?

Here’s a video from DAMD to show off their creations (and for you to practice your Japanese).



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