Kitsbow Pedals Into the Used Bike Gear Marketplace

We love Kitsbow. They truly make some of the best apparel in the outdoor universe; though, technically it’s made for wearing while on your fave bike, humming down a single track or a gravel road somewhere, you can wear it for any activity, and you can wear it forever. That durability is about as sustainable as you can get when it comes to production because you honestly can live the rest of your life wearing one of their flannels and it will outlast you.

Of course that also means their clothes are pricey. Worth it, but pricey.

Now though, you can get huge discounts through their new used gear program, called Experienced Apparel. That their stuff lasts so long means it’s perfect for a used gear marketplace. Kitsbow doesn’t keep a lot of new inventory on hand as they’ve streamlined their operation in the name of environmental efficiency. So if you’ve missed something you liked once, you just might be able to find it again here. Or you can swing for one of their coveted button downs for huge savings.

Right now, for example, you can find their Icon flannels for about $150, when new it’s $270. Also, if you already own some Kitsbow apparel and you can bear to part with it, you can sell it there too.

We hope to see lots more of this from brands, especially high quality brands like Kitsbow.



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