A Gooseneck Kettle Deserves a Place In Your Camp Coffee Kit

Seems strange but the first time I ever measured the temperature of the water I was heating for coffee was at about 7,000 feet of elevation, near an alpine stream running through a thicket of aspens, many miles from pavement of any kind, let alone a hipster barista.

But I am serious about my coffee. Even when camping. Not serious as in turn my nose up at Folger’s if it’s the only option, but serious as in, let’s make the best possible coffee we can given the circumstances, without being too fussy and too fiddly.

For that reason, I always do pour overs when camping. Usually, I just heat water in my smallest pot and pour that carefully over the grounds. However, these past couple of years, Stephen Casimiro, our ed-in-chief, has really been dialing in his coffee game and he convinced me I need to standardize my water temperature (195-205 degrees is about the sweet spot).

See that little red carrot? That’s the Goldilocks zone for great coffee.

So, I picked up the MiiR New Standard Pour-Over Kettle. It wasn’t designed for camping but it wasn’t not designed for camping either. I use it at home sometimes (my coffeemaker at home already has excellent temp control) but mostly while camping.

It has made camp coffee the best coffee I ever make. As simple as that.

It doesn’t make camp coffee any more difficult or finicky or take longer or anything. It just elevates it. Why? Because the temperature of the water is crucial when making coffee (read all about that, here). The gooseneck spout gives you precise control over the pour. Add those two together, and it makes a significant difference. Whatever beans you bring with you, proper water temperature and a proper pour will get the best possible flavor from those beans. And yes, you really can tell the difference.

The New Standard can stand up to your camp stove and has an easy to read integrated thermometer right in the lid. The handle is big and easy to hold, and far enough from the body of the kettle so it doesn’t get *too* hot.

The black version.

Mine has spent many off-road drives bouncing around my camp kitchen box in the back of the truck and it holds up just fine, as you’d expect, considering it’s stainless steel. Speaking of, it comes either in polished stainless, like mine, or a matte black.

Typically I stuff mine with coffee beans when I pack it so it earns its keep a bit in my kitchen box, since it does take up some space. But the size is the only negative when considering for camping. Bonus: The gooseneck spout also is nice for pouring warm water to wash your hands, plates, whatever.

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