Review: Dometic GO Hydration Jug

5 gallon jerrycans are way too big for the vast majority of campers. The blue 4 gallon squat Aquatainer are a little easier to lug around, but still a pain and they take up lots of space in a car or truck bed. Buying single gallon water bottles sucks for lots of reasons. Solution? The Dometic Go Hydration Jug. It’s 11 liters–just under 3 gallons–plenty for one person for a couple days, or two for a day and half or so. It’s tall and narrow so it takes up little space. It comes with carrying straps, plus multiple ways to get water out of it: spigot, pour spout, even a threaded opening that will fit a Nalgene or lots of filter accessories meant to fit a Nalgene.

My favorite dispensing trick in the electric faucet (sold separately) that attaches with a magnetic base to the jug and pumps out water with a slight tap. Great for one-handed bottle filling and it lets you keep the jug upright without having to rely on gravity to use the included spigot. Here’s a quick video I made showing it in use.

It’s rugged, slim, fits easily behind wheel wells in the back of a car or truck. The extra large, Nalgene-compatible opening is big enough to get your hand in there too to wash it out too. Yeah, it’s $70, but it’s a great piece of camp equipment that will last forever.

BUY: $70



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