I don’t speak much French and I read even less so I can’t tell you a whole lot about what this ad says, but I will do my best to translate: “Buy this little car/van because it’s the classiest camper you can get. Heck with your overbuilt Sprinters and your Tacomas with camper shells.”

Or, something like that I’m sure.

This rare beauty is a Renault 5 Le Car Van. Yeah, “Le Car Van.” Lol. Only 450 of these were ever built, by the French coachbuilder Heuliez. It’s a Renault 5 Le Car with the hatch slightly enlarged and replaced with plastic panels that incorporated that little bubble window. It came in 2 or 4 seat options, with each car van getting layered up with rich red shag carpet.

This one is an auction find, with an estimated value of 22k to 28k in Euros.

Check out the whole Le Car Van right here.

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