The Apennine Mountains run nearly the length of Italy, north to south. Do they have the grandeur of the Italian Alps? Maybe, maybe not. Depends on what you find to be grand. Rugged, diverse, untrammeled in parts, they’re a relatively quick getaway for much of the country. Something apparent in this fun short film as the riders embark from their cultured hometown of L’Aquila, and soon enough are in the mountain wilds. The riders and filmmakers, Giorgio Frattale and Francesco D’Alessio, who call themselves “Montanus,” rode a new custom titanium bike model built for trips like this, the Corvid Corax, by Corvid Cycles in Colorado. Our interest is piqued.

The Corvax can be a 27.5+” or 29″ depending on rider preference. Pretty clean looking frame.

Just looking at the packing list shot gets our travel jones kicking.


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