Yellowstone is celebrating its 150th birthday this year and to commemorate they’re offering an unusual package. Donate $1,500 and you get an annual pass this year, and one that won’t be valid until 2172, 150 years in the future.

The money goes to preserving the park for future generations to enjoy, in partnership with Yellowstone Forever, the park’s official non-profit arm. Yellowstone Forever aims to “fund projects that conserve native wildlife and biodiversity, and contribute to a healthy and resilient ecosystem for the future.”

But 150 years is an awful long time to hold onto a physical pass, you might be asking. What happens if my family, or the future gift recipient loses it? Yellowstone will keep permanent records they say, though since we’re talking multiple generations here, it’s unclear how you’d gift it to your grandkids’ grandkids, since you won’t know their names, potentially first or last. Surely the park has figured that out, however.

You can find more info here.


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