Well, okay we’re not sure there’s an X marking the spot of these gold cups we’re about to tell you about, but there should be. Tin Cup Whiskey, you’ve seen their billboards if you’ve been outside at pretty much any town with outdoorsy people west of the Mississippi, has stashed three gold shot cups in various awesome places in the country. Awesome as in, backcountry places. Find the cup, it’s yours, as is a $10,000 finders fee.

Tin Cup is releasing clues on their Youtube channel, the first one is right here. It’s in Texas and there are some trees, is about all we know from the video. There are more clues being released on their IG page, right here. The second one reveals it’s somewhere in Texas hill country, so, well, that’s still leaving a whole lot of land. We can assume they’re not burying these things randomly, so it’s a good bet they’re stashed somewhere lots of people hike, bike, whatever.

Let us know if you find one. We’ll raise a glass to ya.


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