New $400 Recovery Gadget Punches You Repeatedly in the Face

Ever get home from a long day in the sun, hiking to your favorite fishing spot, grinning ear to ear the whole time, your face sore at the end of the day from smiling and squinting and tightening from too much time blasted by UV rays?

Ever think to yourself: thousands of tiny punches to the face are what I need right now to relax? If so, have you also thought: I hate this $400. I would like it gone, now?

Well, the TheraFace Pro is here for you.

On the heels of the, apparently, wildly popular Theragun, which every other outdoor media outlet won’t shut up about, comes this, a massage gun for your freaking face. People were using their regular, non-facially approved Theraguns to beat themselves in the face and the company figured, hey, now here’s an opening we never would have dreamed of on our own.

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