Bluebird Backcountry, Colorado’s no-lift resort, will be the scene of red cheeks of both variety on March 15 during their inaugural Boot-Tan Fest, which, as you probably gathered from the name, is nudity-encouraged. Or at least part of it is. That day, the resort will be focused on the women skiers, as part of Women’s History Month, with plenty of women-owned businesses offering tacos and music and general revelry.

The culmination will be a naked ski—for women only—at the end of the day.

“We want to celebrate ALL women — aged, youthful, hairy, hairless, tattooed, wrinkly, curvy, dimpled — and all of the rad things they can do,” said the coffee brand, Wild Barn Coffee, which is helping put on the event.

Tickets sold out mighty fast, but we still wanted to share the news, because, well, as something all toddlers know, but we ashamed adults often forget—life is more fun with wind caressing your nether parts.

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