Hello, everybody. I’d like to introduce you to the spring issue of Adventure Journal quarterly, 132 pages of inspiration, stoke, and enlightenment. AJ24’s cover is graced by a wonderful photograph by Nathaniel Wilder from St. George Island, Alaska. The subject is a bit of a departure for us, but we loved the photo’s sense of liberation and flight, as well as the promise it represents—the opportunity for rebirth after a dark winter both figurative and literal.

The issue holds an eclectic mix of stories. There’s a road trip across the Great American Desert to tour dusty old cemeteries. Krista Langlois writes of the experience when animals enter your dreams, with gorgeous art created by Obi Kaufmann to accompany it. We recreate the 18,000-mile, hemisphere-spanning ride that helped kicked off the idea of bikepacking. There’s a rating guide for bushwhacking (send ’er!). There are sharks and a weekend cabin to die for and art and a portfolio inspired by a rash of UFO sightings in Finland. And recipes, of course!

Two items of business. First, if you aren’t currently a subscriber, please subscribe today. If you love AJ online, you will double love what we publish in print. If for some reason you don’t, we’ll return your money and I’ll send you my number so you can tell me directly what we should improve. This isn’t an idle request: As a small publisher, we are swimming against heavy tides, and only reader support will sustain us. Advertising has never been easy to sell, and it’s only getting harder. Paper and postage costs are skyrocketing, and we need to grow from our current 6,000 subscribers to 10,000 to make it in this new world.

This isn’t a big ask. I believe that AJ in print is one of the best outdoor publications the world has ever seen. Our contributors are among the most talented and heartfelt writers, photographers, and artists working today. Our subscribers are adventurous, generous, and loyal. (Our renewal rate is 99 percent!!) AJ in print is an escape and salve for these crazy times, and I guarantee you won’t regret subscribing. Oh, and we’re almost out of our pocket notebooks, but we’ll include a three-pack with every subscription + current issue order between now and Friday.

Second item of business: If you are a subscriber whose address has changed, TELL US NOW. We will deliver the mailing list for the spring issue to our printer on Friday morning, March 11, at 9 a.m. PST. Email your changes to mail (at) adventure-journal dot com.

Thanks, everyone!



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