When a book sells 200,000 copies in Norway and Sweden, you know it’s tapped into some essential human need, in this case the hunger for perfecting the joy of chopping and stacking wood. If the phrase “joy of chopping and stacking wood” leaves you saying wait, what? then grasshopper this book is for you (and all the peeps who already know the joy). Meditative, satisfying, conducive to the flow state, there’s nothing quite like working with a wood pile, and no one knows this betters than the Nords and Swedes.

Also, uh, wood stack art? Yeah, that’s a thing. Ornate piles of wood with different styles, approaches, philosophies, and sometimes intricate designs. Yeah, this book talks a lot about the meditative pleasure of chopping wood, but it’s gonna make you want to start looking into buying cords of wood simply to stack in your own grand artistic vision.

Anyway, we’re big fans.

Check out Norwegian Wood: Chopping, Stacking, and Drying Wood the Scandinavian Way


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