Kris Nordberg began losing her sight in her early 40s. An avid mountain biker living in Colorado, this was concerning for her and her future on the trails. She was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder called Pseudoxanthoma elasticum that can take many symptomatic forms. Nordgerg lost her sight and began suffering circulatory issues in her legs.

No matter. She pedals on. Sometimes wearing a nun habit, just for kicks.

Nordberg is the focus of a lovely short in the New York Times this week. A somewhat random feel good story about a late middle aged woman who is legally blind but who nevertheless still manages some of the rowdiest singletrack around Denver. Fellow riders will sometimes string orange line near obstacles that she can track with her peripheral vision – the only sight she has left. She relies on feel and experience.

And she has a blast.

For her 60th birthday, she celebrated by hucking her mountain bike over a table top for the first time.

“You know that feeling of victory?” she said. “I still crave that. You have to do what you can and not be upset about what you can’t do. I’ve had more adventure in my life than a lot of people.”

Read the whole profile right here. (Yes, there might be a paywall, or the NYT might allow a couple freebies.)


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