PNW’s Dropper Posts Are Great—So How About Their Bike Apparel?

Dropper seatposts are mostly something that just need to work reliably and well, there’s not really much more to it than the seat goes up, the seat goes down. But PNW Components has been making some of the most pleasant to use, well-designed droppers on the market for a few years now. Especially paired with the excellent Loam lever, a big soft thumb press that’s surprisingly nice to use considering it’s just a dropper lever, their posts simply feel great. Sturdy, smooth, and gorgeous (just like your author, of course).

They recently expanded that same approach of excellent quality for a good price to make a few pieces of bike apparel that I’ve been testing out for a few months. Specifically, the Shuttle shorts ($99), Ozone Trail Jersey ($59), and the Lander Jacket ($149). True to their Pacific Northwest roots, these are the bits of kit you want when the weather is…less than perfect. All feeling just a hair thicker, tougher, and warmer than standard shirts, shorts, and bike jackets. Especially, the jacket. The Lander is too warm for rides on nice, cool days, but perfect for downright chilly ones. Foggy rides, maybe a touch of rain, temps in the 50s — this is your jacket. Doesn’t pack down enough to fit in fanny packs, does have ample room under the hood for a helmet, and does ward off the clammy chills when you’re sweaty and taking a breather under a moss-draped pine.

The shorts.
Lander jacket, note helmet compatible hood.

Like their droppers, the PNW gear is very well executed. There’s an attention to detail here that simply exudes quality. There aren’t any revolutionary bits of proprietary tech wizardry or left-field design choices. Just high quality gear designed by people who clearly know what you need if riding in places with actual weather. I expect each of these pieces to be in my closet for the next decade. Provided I can still squeeze into them, of course.



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