It’s sort of crazy now to imagine an America in which a sporty, 4-wheel-drive wagon didn’t fly off dealer lots. But in the early 1980s, nobody seemed to want the AMC Eagle. The Subaru Outback before there was a Subaru Outback. Were they reliable? Lol, no. Were they cool? Oh, heck no, not then. But they might be gaining a foothold on retro coolness now. Yes, the inline 6-cylinder is underpowered, but look at that wood paneling. Look at that spartan, almost mid-century modern interior. But more importantly, look at the incredible ads.

There’s a growing market for these cars, not growing like the market for 80s Toyota pickups or anything, just a small sliver of the population who longs for carbureted wagons with lift kits and knobby tires. You can have this one here, in fact, if you act quickly enough.


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