First, the bad news. This truck is not for sale. It was purchased in a Bring a Trailer auction in 2020, but we popped across the ad for it recently, perusing cool trucks for sale on BAT. The winning bid was $49k, which, hmm, seems like an awful lot for a 40-year-old Toyota truck, considering you can get a brand new TRD Tacoma for that price, festooned with cool options.

But this truck is super duper custom. It was a 2WD, as I believe all Chinooks were from the factory, though that might be wrong, converted to 4WD with parts sourced from a 1980 and a 1985 Toyota 4×4. The 20R motor, just as dependable as the legendary 22RE, just with far less power and no fuel injection, has been modded with race carbs and a super cooling radiator and headers and aftermarket camshaft, among other things. The inside has custom Recaro seats, taken from a Supra, then stitched with “Chinook.” Lots of the decals and cool Chinook touches came from Gary Lukehart, the designer of the Chinook.

Now, the good news? This awesome walk around video is free for the watching. Also, let’s be real, while this truck would be incredible to own, and I’m sure the winning bidder is in Chinook heaven, these are maybe more fun to look at and dream about than to own. We just hope the owner is actually out there, rumbling up old forest service roads, pots and pans clanging in the galley, a big ole smile on their face.


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