After what seems like at least a decade, the all-electric VW microbus will finally be revealed in its real, not-rendered, production-model form, on March 9th. Of course, nobody knows when, or if, it will be available in the US. Europe gets first dibs, as 1) the Old Country gets all the best vans, and 2) VW is of the increasingly inexplicable belief that Americans don’t want vans. News to us, as every trailhead, surfspot, and ski resort parking lot in North America is crowded with Sprinter vans.

VW is busily putting a bow on its Tennessee EV facility, so they will soon have the capacity to begin cranking out vehicles like the Buzz (though that may not be the official model name, we’ll find out in March) and the ID.4 here in the States. That will help availability.

As of now, best guess for getting our American hands on this thing will be sometime in 2023.

Now, of course, VW has been promising this for years and years and years, but they’ve never given a firm date for the arrival of the production-ready electric bus before. This does actually feel like it’s coming.


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