The Dacia brand might be known to you if you are, or were, a fan of the UK’s Top Gear show, with Clarkson, May, and Hammond playfully mocking Dacia for being a maker of boring, cheap vehicles in Europe. But the Duster, its rugged little 4×4 crossover that only costs roughly £14,000, is beloved by car enthusiasts in Europe for its inexpensive quality. Unfortunately for the 4×4 system in the vehicle however, not many of its drivers ever actually take the car off road.

Dacia interviewed a bunch of their owners and found that, well, they don’t like driving in the dirt. So, they now invite them to bring the Dusters into a London dealership for a mud bath so they can at least pretend to look the part of a tough little 4×4.

From the survey and presser:


The [mud-wash] launch comes after new research reveals that 4 in ten (40 per cent) of 4×4 drivers have never taken their car off road, while a further fifth (19 per cent) admit they’ve never even driven their 4×4 down a dirt track.

Researchers polled 1,000 city-dwelling 4×4 owners and discovered they’ve hardly got their wheels muddy. According to the survey, over a third (67 per cent) said the closest owners of off-road vehicles have come to tackling “challenging terrain” is negotiating the speed bumps on the school run.

Our ‘Adventure Ready’ Mud Wash is about setting car buyers up for a year of adventure and embracing all that comes with it. The Dacia Duster is the perfect all-terrain vehicle to get Brits out into our fantastic countryside more often. For those feeling like their 4×4 is more at home on the school run than a mud run, the Mud Wash aims to inspire them to swap the telly for wellies and get off the beaten track this year!

17 per cent of those polled also said they wished they could be more adventurous with their 4×4, with one in ten (13 per cent) saying their family isn’t very adventurous.

It’s a funny nod to the ridiculousness of owning a 4×4 with no real reason for it, one that plenty of lifted truck and SUV drivers in the States, who do little but go to Home Depot, might squirm when seeing.

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