We Cannot Have This Cheap, Small, Jimny, But We Want It

Suzuki does not sell the Jimny in the US. It in fact does not sell the passenger version in Europe anymore either, as it pollutes too much, even though it has a tiny 1.5L engine (Europe has a complicated system that takes into account the weight of the vehicle when deciding on emissions standards, so it’s harder for smaller cars to make the cut than larger ones, plus, carmakers get credits if they make lots of EVs, which Suzuki doesn’t).

But it DOES sell the Light Commercial Vehicle version of the Jimny, essentially a stripped-down version of the baby ute, and it sure looks like the perfect off-roader for someone who needs to haul some gear into the sticks, with one other passenger, or maybe just a dog, or just by themselves. It is small, it goes slow, but it will reliably climb anything. And it’s cheap (would run roughly $20k in the US). It would never be someone’s daily driver, so the poor performance on the highway (12 sec 0-60) wouldn’t matter. If you lived somewhere with good access to dirt trails, this would be a blast to own.

The Euro show CarWow did a little walk ’round review of the LCV Jimny, and it’s a fun look at something we really wish the US market would embrace. Something sorta similar to a Jeep Renegade, that doesn’t look like, well, a Jeep Renegade. And that has way more capability.

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