Inflatable Camper Shells, Cargo Boxes, and Bed Platforms Are Intriguing

Flated is the name. Inflatable pretty much everything is their game. Founded by a couple long-time Surftech employees, a brand that revolutionized mass-produced surfboards and SUPs, Flated will be shipping their first few products next week. Everything they make uses a tough drop-stitch construction, which will be familiar if you’ve ever used an inflatable SUP. Very rigid, very strong, very, very light.

The most intriguing might be the Air Topper, a camper shell that is rigid enough to strap surfboards on top of, but light enough to install by yourself. The bed platform is also pretty cool, as you can easily put it in and remove it, unlike heavy wood builds.

We haven’t seen any of their offerings in person, but we’re sorta stoked on the idea and thought you might be too. You can check ’em out, right here.

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