E-bike sales are booming. They’re set to boom even more as state and local governments, and even the federal government, begin initiating subsidies for the purchase of e-bikes, in a bid to get more cars off the roads. They’re also booming on trails as riders of all skill and fitness levels try them, then immediately realize the benefits of pedal assist.

So, they’re here to stay and there will be a whole lot more of them in the near future. That also means a whole lot more of their batteries, which are toxic and require a lot of environmental nastiness to produce. Making more of them isn’t ideal, even if riding an e-bike is, when compared with a car.

To deal with that, the bike advocacy group People for Bikes is leading a movement to get those batteries recycled. Bike brands will be paying into a fund that covers the cost of consumer battery recycling. You buy an e-bike and, depending on where you bought it, years later when the battery is exhausted, you turn it in for recycling.


A non-profit that’s already experts at battery recycling, Call2Recycle, will manage the logistics of setting up drop boxes for batteries at retailers, or, in the case of a direct-to-consumer bike purchase, of sending kits to people to send their batteries back in. The exhausted batteries will have their components broken down to be re-used in new products.

We thank the below brands for jumping on board this smart project.

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