No Such Thing as a ‘Snow Day’ When Your School Bus Is This Badass

When the snow piles up and roads become treacherous, the beloved by kids and detested by parents “snow day” is declared by school districts across the northern half of the country. Can’t have school busses out there slipping around or getting stuck in snow drifts, after all.

But if your local school district springs for a couple of these Praetorians, by the Czech off-road bus maker Torsus, snow days will be a thing of the past.

You get four-wheel-drive, 14.4-inch ground clearance, locking front and rear differentials, 46-inch tires, and nearly 1,000 pound-feet of torque from a big Diesel engine. 35 kids can sit, grumpily in this beast as it obliterates their plans for snowmen and Minecraft, while it ferries them through the snowpocalypse to Mrs. Johnson’s class.

How much? Oh, about $190k. You can get them in the non-school bus flavor too, of course, but what could be cooler than school bus yellow?

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