What’s the Best Thing About Fall?

With today being the last full day of summer, we’re asking you what you love about the autumn season. Obviously, fall means different things in different parts of the country, but you could make a strong argument that it’s the best season for adventure. Okay, fine, I will here. On the West Coast, our real summer begins. Coastal fog disappears and temperatures along the coast heat up with offshore winds grooming consistent surf. Tourist hordes recede too, with beaches becoming less crowded. In the mountains, it’s the same as far as crowds. Sure, it starts getting progressively colder, but backcountry sites that were crowded in August are empty in late September and early October. The bugs are gone too. Speaking of bugs, fly fishing picks up now too. Mountain biking becomes a little easier as trail temperatures cool down. Trailrunning, the same.

And then there’s the heightened sense of drama that the lengthening shadows take on. The light becomes a little yellower, a little more golden, at least in California. Where spring brings forth a wide-open optimism and the urge to get the heck outside immediately to absorb the longer, brighter days like a sponge, fall hints at cozy days to come and en equally powerful drive to get out there and get it while you still can, before winter changes everything. Then of course, if winter sports are your thing, well, fall says, here’s your welcome mat.

So what’s your favorite thing about fall?



Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash



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