“Why take the quickest route? You’d miss out on so many amazing experiences. This was about finding freedom in homegrown adventures, especially in a year where travel is limited.” So says British adventure hound Aaron Rolph after he zigged and zagged from one end of Great Britain to the other. Along the way he surfed, kayaked, hiked, camped, paddle boarded, and trail ran, all while ruminating on what it tales to make one’s backyard the site of a grand adventure.

His first trip was derailed in the beginning by a serious bike crash that resulted in a severed colon. Two months of recovery, then Covid shut everything down. No matter. When you have a bike (and a bunch of other outdoor toys), grand epic are right out the front door.

The film chronicling his trip, “The Great Escape” above is about 30 minutes, and well worth the time.


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