The CAKE Makka Looks Like a Rugged Little Electric Adventuremobile

You know CAKE, yes? Not like, dessert cake, or the band. We’re talking the electric motorcycle brand CAKE, a Swedish brand that makes some, hmm, polarizing bikes. The design isn’t everybody’s cup of tea—very industrial, no nonsense. Utilitarian. Cute? Yeah, we think we can say that. A little cute too.

They’ve made two e-motos and now they’re releasing the Makka, a super utility moped deal that looks pretty intriguing for local get around stuff, maybe tossing onto a trailer for some trail exploration (where allowed of course).

Surfboard rack and errything.

It weighs 145 pounds, including the battery, and has all kinds of storage config options. Wanna use it as a surf commuter? That’s probably ideal for this actually, and it can come with a surfboard rack for the purpose. Or throw skis on there. You can hang panniers on this puppy, strap a cooler on the back, strap whatever on the back, really.

The Makka comes in two varieties. The Flex, which has a 30-mile range and can hit 28 mph wide open. Or the Range, which can go 35 miles, but limits your speed to 15 mph. The Flex is $3,800 and the Range is $3,500.

In the US, you’ll need a motorcycle license to ride one, which is a bit of a bummer, as the Flex is slower than a class-2 e-bike, which doesn’t require a special license. But still, this looks like a rugged, super fun little adventure mobile, and if we had $4k burning a hole in our pockets, we’d consider one for sure.

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