Mercedes’ Electric G-Wagen Revealed, But Can We PLEASE Get a Cheap E-SUV?


One hundred thirty-three thousand, two hundred-fifty dollars.

That’s the MSRP for the least expensive Mercedes G-Wagen you can buy today. That one is powered by a V-8 that drinks gas like it’s a frat boy shotgunning a Natty Ice. It can climb over anything, sure. It is (presumably) very nice inside. It’s primarily owned by orthopedic surgeons and NFL players (I would guess).

And that’s fine.

But Mercedes has just announced an all-electric version of the G-Wagen. It’s a body-on-frame SUV with a solid rear axle and motors at each wheel for badass off-road ability. Looks identical, pretty much, to the gas-guzzling version. No doubt, it will be like sitting in the waiting room of a particularly intimidating imperial viceroy.

Also no doubt, it will cost at least $150,000, though Merc hasn’t released pricing yet.

And hey, that’s fine too. There are people (imperial viceroys, orthopedic surgeons, NFL stars) for whom $150k is a reasonable price to pay.

But can we please, please start seeing some two-door Suzuki Jimny style electric SUVs that don’t cost as much as two Tacomas put together? The Rivian will be around $70k, the Cybertruck will exist in a theoretical dimension until Elon remembers he promised to build it, the E-Hummer is $100k, and the plug-in hybrid Jeep Wrangler 4xe starts at over $50k and it’s still a Jeep inside.

Anyway, take a look at the electric Mercedes rich guy wagon if you like, right here, but I’m waiting for the Prius-level affordable version of the electric off-roader.

– Justin Housman

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