Lobsterwoman Gone Viral Is 101-Year-Old Seagoing Badass

If you spend much time on Twitter, you’ve likely seen the meme: An elderly woman on a boat, dressed in a bright orange rubber apron, hucking a lobster that didn’t pass the mustard off the side of the boat. Online jokesters chimed in with one-liners about her actually summoning lobster to the boat, or perhaps, the lobster represented something they didn’t want to put up with, whatever, on and on, into the internet’s infinite maw.

The photo was actually from a story about the woman, named Virginia Oliver, run by the AP. The Boston Globe chose it as the header image from the story, thus, the popularity.

But have you actually read the story? Oliver has been fishing for lobster since the 1930s. She fishes today with her son, Max, who is 78. It’s incredible.

A recent injury (crab claw snip) landed her in the doctor’s office. “The doctor admonished her, said ‘Why are you out there lobstering?'” Gray said. “She said, ‘Because I want to’.”

We only just saw the original story on NPR, and you should read it here, for a lovely lightening of your day.

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