Hey, Wait, Eagle Creek Will Not Die, After All

We reported this summer that Eagle Creek, one of the best pack makers out there, was being phased out of existence by parent company VF Corporation. A beloved brand by everybody except, apparently, the decision makers at VF, lots of people were genuinely bummed. Eagle Creek made some of the best, no nonsense travel gear you can get.

But someone at VF didn’t want to see the brand fade away. That person was Travis Campbell, VF’s now former president of emerging brands. He bought Eagle Creek from VF this month and plans to keep the brand rolling, doing what it’s always done best.

“Eagle Creek already makes great products in a number of categories,” he said. “I want to work on supply chain issues and get back into stock with the best selling products in our line. We will likely trim some products that aren’t working and over-index on the things that are working. I’ll dig in and listen to former employees and current sales reps and figure it out.”

Steve Barker, who founded Eagle Creek along with his wife Nona, nearly 50 years ago, and who’s been vocal about trying to keep the brand alive, support Campbell as owner.

“Travis is a good guy,” Steve Barker told Outside Biz Journal. “I’ve known him for a long time. He understands the outdoor business and he always shows up for important issues in the industry. I would say that this is a good outcome for the brand.”

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