We Dig This Sweet Little Car Fan For Keeping Us Nice and Cool

Dollar for dollar, Luno’s camping fan might be the best comfort-inducing piece of gear you can buy. Desperately hot at the end of a long road trip recently, I stopped at a Walmart and bought a $10 USB fan. It served me nicely for the last two nights, but I returned it in favor of the more robust and much more powerful $35 Luno.

A fan needs to do three things well: move air, attach to something easily, and pivot so you can aim the breeze just where you want it. On the first two, Luno kicks butt. On the last, not so much.

The airing: Luno’s fan has three settings, low, high, and hurricane. Yep, it really cranks. On hot days in my office, low is typically sufficient. Hot nights sleeping in my car, I start out on the highest setting and drop to the middle before lights out.

The attaching: Luno’s suction cup gloms onto window glass with maximum enthusiasm and stays there with tenacity. All props, no complaints.

The aiming: Luno mounts the fan on a pivot ball, but the range of motion is limited. You can move it 360º around the ball mount, but the actual side to side travel is only about 45º. This makes positioning a bit of a contortion. I love using the fan and can attest to its power to cool, and while the range of motion isn’t a deal breaker, it’s definitely an area that could be improved.
Available at Luno: $35

– Steve Casimiro

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