Outdoors Headline of the Day: ‘Death Metal Irish Baron Rewilds His Estate’

Randall Plunkett, Lord Randal Plunkett, we beg your pardon, is the 21st Baron of Dunsany, and lives in his family’s ancient castle, a short drive from Dublin, Ireland. He’s a filmmaker and, apparently, a huge death metal fan. Interesting? Sure, barely, but what really moves the needle is that he’s currently engaged in what The Guardian says is “probably Ireland’s most ambitious attempt at rewilding on private land.”

He used to be a steak-devouring bodybuilder who couldn’t care less about nature. But he had a change of heart in recent years after getting freaked out about climate change. He stopped eating meat and dairy and decided to convert nearly 750 acres of his estate to its natural, wild state.

No plowing, no planting. Trees, plants, and animals are coming back. Botanists from around the country now flock to the Dunsany estate to study what’s happening there. Plunkett, who favors fake leather black jackets, and a long black ponytail, occasionally chases hunters off his land personally. He’s the first Irish member of an important European rewilding initiative.

“You’d be surprised when you live in a castle how many times people think you’re an idiot,” Plunkett told The Guardian.

Their mini-profile of the guy is fascinating, and you can read it all, here.

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