Patrick Rodgers was two years into earning a graduate degree in biology when his father died of cancer. His dad was the one who taught Rodgers a love of wildlife, leading directly to the biologist’s career path. Grieving and wanting to do something significant to ease the pain of losing his dad, while also wanting to honor his dad’s influence on his life, Rodgers decided to go big. He’s been studying the migration patterns of mule deer, particularly those that travel from 11,000 ranges in Colorado during the summer, to a warmer 6,500-foot section of Wyoming in the fall. So Rodgers decided to run the whole route, all 92 miles. His dad supported the idea while alive, so Rodgers knew he needed to complete the run. Cathartic, illuminating, and inspiring all at once.

Cold Collab, a Texas-based production company, with help from Sitka and YETI, filmed a documentary on Rodgers’ run called 92 Miles: A Migration Story. The full film, which tells not only Rodgers’ story but also sheds light on the challenges deer face, is available to watch, for free.

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