Woman Who Endangered Self and Bear in Yellowstone Facing Federal Charges

An Illinois woman visiting Yellowstone stands yards from three grizzlies, face glued to her phone as she snaps a photo, just as one of the bears charges defensively. You might have seen the video back in May. The woman, after finally recognizing the danger, slips her phone into her pocket sheepishly, and speeds off. Fellow tourists nearby yelled at her to remain in her vehicle as she got out to get closer to the bears, but, as the video shows, she did not.

Someone who saw a video of the incident posted to Facebook tipped off park authorities who tracked the woman down. She’s been charged with “feeding, touching, teasing, frightening or intentional disturbing wildlife.” Park policy dictates that visitors remain 100 yards from bears at all times. The woman will appear for a hearing on August 26 in Yellowstone’s Center for Justice.

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