Woman Actually Sentenced For Breaking Food Storage Rules in Bear Country

A woman camping in Grand Teton National Park was sentenced to probation and ordered to pay a fine of $5,827 after failing to properly store food and garbage at her campsite in the park. A grizzly bear wandered into the campground, lured by the available food, and began rooting through the trash, as concerned campers looked on.

Park service authorities came out, tranquilized the bear, and put a GPS collar on it, to track whether it heads back to campgrounds, habituated to people now.

There were plenty of signs at the campground warning of the consequences for food storage violations.

“Irresponsible behavior has consequences, and it’s often the wildlife that pays the ultimate price,” said Chip Jenkins, Superintendent of Grand Teton National Park. “We all have a responsibility to preserve and protect the incredible wildlife of Grand Teton National Park and the Grand Yellowstone Ecosystem.”

If you’ve visited campgrounds in bear country with improperly stored garbage at nearby campsites, you’ll no doubt be fist pumping a little bit that a careless camper is facing the consequences.

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