“You hear a lot from the industry around sustainability like ‘we’re thinking about doing this or we’re working on it or we’re researching it or whatever.’ That’s a cop out, frankly.”—Brad Sheehan, CEO and designer of Velocio apparel.

Well, okay then.

In a short documentary, bike apparel brand Velocio explains why the apparel industry is already way behind the 8-ball when it comes to sustainability (waste, primarily). And, of course, what they’re doing about it. Not planning to do, or considering, but actually doing. For Velocio, that means slowing down, making fewer products, using longer-lasting materials to combat fast fashion, shipping things at a slower, less carbon intensive pace.


We’ve long trumpeted the mantra: Own fewer, better things.

That seems to be Velocio’s program here, and whether you dig their stuff or not, the documentary is an interesting look into the manufacturing process and how a brand that cares about profits and the environment figures out how to have the best of both.

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