The Outside Media corporate umbrella grows ever larger, now taking in Pinkbike, the biggest mountain bike website in the world, Cycling Tips, and Trailforks, the killer bike trails app and website. All you have to do is head to the comment section at Pinkbike under the article announcing the new deal to see this corporate merger ain’t exactly thrilling the readership. That there are already 1,200 comments as of Wednesday evening is all you need to see to understand this is a touchy subject.

A common refrain comes from Zach22: “I really want to believe that Pinkbike can hold onto its character and values but the list of Outside’s current titles is basically a list of magazines/sites I’ve stopped reading after their content and tone changed following an Outside acquisition. I hope Pinkbike can be the exception and we don’t start seeing Outside style listicles on which trendy products are “essential” for post ride beers.”

Will Pinkbike remain free? Will Trailforks still make trail beta available to non Outside+ (that’ll be $100 a year, thanks)? We don’t know yet. But we like indie outdoor media here, and though we certainly understand the business, and you gotta make a living, it’s never a stoker when a proud and cherished indie title sells to a VC-backed corporate entity.


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