Ibis Is Making Its New Carbon XC Bike in California

Ibis, based near Santa Cruz, California, has experimented with making bikes in their own California factory before, with a single size (small) Ripley frame they cranked out a few years ago. Now, they’re all in with a brand new bike, the Exie (get it?) a XC ripper. The Ibis factory, in Pajaro, a “town” in the Santa Cruz mountains, is powered by solar energy, lowering the bike’s carbon impact even further.

Of course, the driving factor behind overseas manufacturing is the cost of labor in places like California, as compared with places like China and Taiwan, where most bike frames are made, with Taiwan the giant in the aluminum frame category, and China manufacturing a ton of carbon frames. Ibis decided to come at manufacturing from the most cost effective ways they could to trim labor times as best as possible. The result is a bike that still costs a lot. The base build is $7,999 and with higher end specs, you’re looking at near $12,999. That’s just what it takes to get a bike like this built in these parts.

Check out how they do it, below.

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