Who Among Us Has Not Dreamt of the Bike-Powered Car?

It seems simple, I’ve thought to myself a million times while idling in traffic at a stop light. Just replace the car’s pedals with crankable bike pedals, put in some fancy (as of yet technologically impossible) gearing, and you’d have a car powered like a bike. If we can make cars powered by electric motors or hydrogen, or both, why can’t we have a bike-powered car?

You’ve probably realized at this point that I am not an engineer.

I don’t know if these guys are engineers or not, but they kinda put my half-cooked idea into practice with this tandem bike-driven Honda Civic. Is it practical? No. Is it fast? Ha, no. Is it safe? My heavens, no. Is it awesome? Yeah. Yeah it is. – Justin Housman, online editor.

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