Fox Unveils Awesome ‘Drillium’ Promo for New Superlight Dropper Post

Drillium. Something out of the mind of Homer Simpson. Want to make it lighter and faster? Drill some holes in it. “Speed holes” Homer called ’em when he took a drill to his car, but that’s a different story, and already we’re getting way off track here. Anyway, Drillium is a joke word, meant to evoke an exotic metal that’s super light but really it’s just the same old metal you’re used to.

Fox just released their Transfer SL (super light) dropper post and to celebrate, they made the very cool looking photoshop Drillium post you see above. In reality, the Transfer SL has no extraneous holes. It doesn’t have much extraneous anything, for that matter. It does away with hydraulics entirely (hydraulic fluid is heavy, as are the seals that keep it where it’s supposed to go), and has no infinite adjust. It has two positions: up and down. In reality, this is probably where most riders keep their posts, anyway.

But this isn’t designed for most riders. It’s designed for XC speed demons. Gravel grinders who want a dropper for the steep down stuff.

The lightest Transfer SL post, with 50mm of travel, and a 27.2mm diameter post, weighs just 372 grams. That’s 25% lighter than the regular (non-SL) Transfer post. The biggest and heaviest Transfer SL, with 100mm of travel and a 31.6mm diameter weighs 399 grams. The popular Rock Shox Reverb dropper weighs well over 600 grams, for instance, depending on size.

You can get the Transfer SL in the posh Factory build with Ti parts and that slick gold Kashima coating for about $400. The all-black Performance Elite model is $330.

Prob a great post, and just unbelievably light, but how cool is that Drillium model above?

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