This is a video about intersections. Simon was on his way to Nepal for a shoot and had time to spare on a layover, Milo had five days off between consecutive shoots in Europe and New York: so we decided to meet in Oman to combine our passions of trail running and filmmaking. Little spaces open up in our schedules sometimes, and this was an opportunity to cross paths with purpose. Oman’s landscape and culture was new to us, we knew nothing of it and we had no expectations, but that was part of the plan. 

There’s a tension between having a plan and trying something new, between traveling to a new place and doing something familiar. Inside this tension there’s a kind of beauty, the beauty of getting lost in Jebel Shams canyon, or taking a taxi out into the desert to be left alone for the night, with only the driver’s word that he’d come back to pick us up. We had a plan for the trip but allowed ourselves to get lost. Just as that’s a way to travel, it’s a way of experiencing filmmaking and trail running as well. We’d invite you to do the same — anywhere, of course — but especially in Oman if you can.

Milo Zannechia and Simon Straetker


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