There Is Now a ‘Smart’ Bike Tube That Talks PSI With Your Phone

Personally, I don’t use inner tubes anymore. Also, I’m more of a give the tire a quick squeeze and go kind of rider. I don’t even own a separate pressure gauge aside from the cheap one built into my floor pump. So, I’m not really the target market for this new, very fancy inner tube from Tubolito. Called the PSENS system, it’s an inner tube with a microchip in it that measures PSI and sends that info to an app on your phone. The phone has to be close to the tire to read the signal from the chip; this isn’t something you can send your watch to look at it for real time updates as you ride.

If you know Tubolito, you are probably assuming these tubes will be expensive. You’re right. They’re $50. Regular, non-smart Tubolitos are already in the $35 range, because they’re super light, pack down very small, and are, reportedly, much tougher than standard rubber inner tubes. The PSENS system is available for 27.5 and 29-inch wheels, with tires up to 2.5″.

This clearly saves time over fitting a standard pressure gauge to your valve stem, but is that time saved worth the cost? That’s up to you.

They’re sold out for now, but check out more at the Tubolito.us website if your interest is piqued.

– Justin Housman

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