It’s been in the rumor mill for awhile now, but today Subaru made it official: They are releasing an electric SUV next year, the Solterra. The Solterra is sort of a sister car to Toyota’s bZ4X (just rolls off the tongue, doesn’t it?); the two vehicles share the same platform, and were developed in tandem. The only images we have of the Solterra are teasers, the above image that’s clearly a rendering, and this Solterra badge below that, for all we know, is just slapped on the back of a Crosstrek. Or is a rendering too, for that matter.

Subaru hasn’t released much information about what this car will be capable of, other than to note that it will, of course, include Subaru’s trusted All-Wheel-Drive system. Which probably means dual motors, front and rear, but who knows? It’s Subaru (well, and Toyota), and they might have a trick or two up their sleeve.

Range isn’t known either, but we have to assume to be even remotely competitive in the getting-more-crowded-by-the-day EV market, it will likely get at least 300 miles per charge.


The idea here is that Subaru makes terrific AWD vehicles capable of composure on the road, and some light off-roading, so the car will be built around those qualities. And, Toyota has decades of experience with electric/hybrid drivetrains, so they’ll handle that part of the rig.

With younger car buyers, and plenty of us not so young car enthusiasts who’ve been waiting for more outdoorsy-oriented EVs that aren’t going to cost $60-70k like the upcoming Rivian, this is fun news.

Photos: Subaru

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