Rider Wins 3-Day Bikepacking Sufferfest Race…on a Rigid Singlespeed

The Highland Trail 550 race is a punishing, but gorgeous, but also punishing route, snaking through the Scottish Highlands. 550 miles with 16,000 meters of elevation gain. Hoo boy. A man named Liam Glen (absolutely perfect name for the place) won the race earlier this month in 3 days, 10 hours, and 55 minutes. Freaking amazing time, nearly the course record.

Also, he rode a singlespeed. A rigid singlespeed. He was aboard a Stooge Scrambler, a 27.5+ rig built for just this kind of riding. But normally one that would feature, you know, multiple speeds. Not for Glen though.

The pics below are from an older race, but, same bike.

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